Saturday, September 06, 2008

Find out your blog's feed rank.

After much brain storming and hair pulling over the issue of how to get more blog traffic, I have found out one avenue to increase visitors to the blogs. It is by submitting the blog's RSS feed to important blog feed directories we can definitely see some increase in visitors to our blogs.

Let me start introducing a little over 100 excellent RSS feed directories. I would like you to make a note of RSS Micro where it is just a breeze to submit your blog feed URL and get it ranked too by them.

They use an algorithm that checks 16 different areas to give a rank to your blog. And they even give a you a short HTML code which when displayed in your blog shows the feed rank given by RSS micro.

I have given below a sample of it. This is given to one of my blogs Find a Product.

RSSMicro FeedRank Results

Incidentally, this blog's feed also gets the same rank (1/10)
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