Thursday, September 04, 2008

Women's specific heart monitor.

I thought I am finally burning the fat because of my 20 minutes stint at the new treadmill my son bought it for me. Now please don’t imagine me as a fat woman. I am still slender overall or at least I give that impression.
I have accumulated quite a lot of fat in my belly and I am covering it with great care. I was assured that I will regain my shape after 30 hours at the treadmill.
So, I was naturally disappointed with the results of the tests that were taken after 35 hours. I was asked to spend more time per day at the treadmill and I must measure the calories burned with the use of Polar Heart Monitor.
Believe me, if I write about its full feature, this blog post will run into two pages. I will confine to the gist of it:
“Polar heart monitor helps keep you in your Target Zone, and OwnCal to track the calories you burn during your exercise. With stopwatch and convenient button free operation, the F4 is a valuable fitness tool.”

This product is from the shelves of Allegro Medical, the leading medical supplies in the Unites States with over 55 thousand products that include medical equipments, home health care supplies such as exercise & fitness equipment, nutritional dietary supplements, maternity/baby supplies, wound care accessories and outdoor gear.

Their hugely popular Allegro eCatalog is offered free of cost to anyone who signs up.

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