Monday, October 27, 2008

Where to find blogging jobs.

In bloggeries forum, I stumbled on to a thread that talked about a freelance bloggers community where a blogger can post his profile and expertise. Also there are plenty of blogging jobs posted by individuals and companies. is a blogging community that connects bloggers (newbies and pros) with companies looking for bloggers.

I stopped by and had a look at the forum. Sure, there are plenty of blogging jobs in several niches.
A few samples:
Women's Blog Network Bloggers - Multiple Subjects!
City Bloggers / Editors for Blog Network & Guidebooks.
Freelance Art Blogger.

There are separate threads for bloggers in every niche that includes, women's issues, finance, travel, eco, fashion, food, etc

I read a few useful articles on issues about blogging.

The forum seems to be young and hence at present it lacks activity. May be it will pick up if you visit and spread the word.
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