Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Marketplace for freelance bloggers.

The press release of Freelance Bloggers is a bit late I suppose as I have already written about them in my blog. The site is still very slow in loading and this is what keeping me away from it.

Well, Freelance Bloggers is actually a forum which also serves as a marketplace for bloggers and organizations looking for bloggers. As the press release said bloggers can post free profiles highlighting their blogging expertise; companies, organizations, and individuals can post open blogging jobs.

As I am writing this, I noticed a bunch of opportunities are posted for bloggers to grab. But, you should the patience of an eagle to read as the site is abysmally slow. Here are two sample posts:
Looking for Writer/Blogger
Sports Writer/Blogger

As my blogging assignments are already tieing me down, I am really not looking forward to sign up for more paid blogging jobs.
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