Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christian books as Christmas gifts.

I could not refuse the invitation by my husband’s friend, a devout Christian and 76 years old. He invited us for a pre-Christmas lunch because we had already given appointment to another Christian friend for Christmas lunch.

Yesterday, we decided to buy some gifts for both the luncheon dates. My husband gave me free hand on spending limit.

Suddenly an idea stuck me. Why not swap both the friends’ products? One friend is a publisher of Christian books and videos and his products are in good demand in Singapore and Malaysia. Another person is businessman selling high-tech video cameras and accessories.

We decided to buy one or two camera accessories to the publisher friend and buy his Christian books to the other friend. I also thought of Christian music but did not proceed further.

This way, both will have meaningful gifts and we can link them both in their respective business.

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