Monday, December 15, 2008

Unbelievable blog editor.

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The blog post you reading now is something special to me and will be to you too once you fully read this post.

I learnt about Windows Live Writer about 15 minutes ago from Blog Doctor whose author Vin is one I respect most as a consummate blogging coach.

The 15 reasons Vin has cited in his post to use Windows Live Writer to post to your blogs have aroused considerable interest in me. I love to use blog editor and if that comes from Windows itself, it must be damn good.

Some of the 15 reasons to use Windows Live Writer:

* It is free

* Post to multiple blogs.

* Save bandwidth by publishing post once only instead of continuously saving posts as you make them in a web browser Post Editor.

* Add Technorati/ Delicious/Flickr/Live Journal/Ice Rocket etc Tags to posts.

I hope you download it from here:

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