Friday, December 12, 2008

Submit your blog feed.

FeedSee will accept your site's RSS feed immediately. No questions asked. I mean, no registration is required. Not even your email is asked; just the feed URL only.

But be prepared to use your general knowledge while submitting. Their system will ask you to answer a question. This is in place of the usual 'Captcha'.

You can also search for feeds for a set of keywords.

All bloggers who are blogging about ways to earn online by blogging should immediately submit their blog's RSS feed URL.

The reason:
I just searched their database of feeds for this keyword: "Earn money by blogging"
The result is just one feed URL and it has nothing related to the topic searched.

I searched for 'Blog Promotion'. Again nothing.

They have a database of tags. I found the tag, 'blogging' and it yielded 62 feed URLs.

FeedSee is a human edited RSS feed directory.
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