Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is meant by web savvy?

So far, not a single inquiry for my blogging academy. Oh, there were some emails asking for 'more info' but they vanished into thin air or into the web after deciding that they are not web savvy.

Yes, in my reply email, I clearly informed that my blogging academy can take in students who are web savvy. I can't teach people who know only reading email.

Web savvy persons are familiar with:
  • search engines
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • affiliate programs
  • RSS/syndication
  • page rank
  • contextual advertising
  • social bookmarking
  • blogging
  • text link advertising
  • ppc advertising
  • traffic analysis
  • web forms
  • pinging
  • feed readers
  • blogging platforms
  • cpm and cpa
And they assume they too can earn without knowing anything of the above! At least, they should have came forward to admit that they are newbies.

Even God can't motivate them.
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