Friday, March 06, 2009

A 'wish' changes nothing. A 'decision' changes everything!

Oh, how I wish I have not created my wish list at! All those things on my wish list were entered purely on impulse, without a real plan or purpose. May be that is why my wish list kept growing. There was no way to shorten the list by marking off some of the things as ‘bought’.

I think it is not too late to remember this proverb: A 'wish' changes nothing. A 'decision' changes everything!

So, I decided to crop the list down to bare necessities and proceeded to find if there is any special discount sale is announced for them at where there is always some sort of discount is given to all the products.

Just then, my son peeped in and saw my list that included a stand for my laptop, McAfee virus protection and a cordless bug zapper. He gave me a look as if to ask whether I am sane. I followed his gaze and saw he was looking at the Gordian’s Knot Brainteaser Challenge among other things.

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