Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Learn to make money with others' content.

I landed myself on a free e-book about how to use PLR articles effectively. It is not the first ebook that I read on the topic but it is definitely the first e-book that is very well wriiten in a pdf format.

The title of the e-book is
Demystifying Private Label, Resell and
Master Resell Rights and the name of the author is Stuart Tran.

After 10 long years in the internet marketing industry, I clearly understood the full meaning of these terms:
* Free give away
* Resell rights
* Master resell rights

So, far, I thought, PLR among the above is the least respected product. How mistaken I am.

Here is a point that I liked very much. It is about the rules to use the PLR/RR/MRR products.
"Repurposing means to use the same content and re-write it for another purpose. Often, the “33 ways to write a sales letter” can be repurposed to “33 ways to write a newspaper ad” with very little change. Repurposing is a powerful way to get more content up and running in the shortest possible time."

If you want this free ebook, please email me. I will be glad to give it away.
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