Thursday, March 18, 2010

Before you swallow diet pills, read….

Probably, I am the least eligible person to share a handful of weight loss success stories because, I have never used any weight loss product. But, I know many people who will be willing to share their weight loss success stories and can even give it in writing if I request them.

So far I have recommended several diet pills based on consumer reviews to about 16 friends and students of mine. Though not all of them reported the expected reduction in weight loss, many achieved fantastic results.

The success was possible only because of following the stipulated diet plan plus a little bit of breathing exercise that I taught them. It was obvious that those who didn’t see the desired results of taking the recommended food supplements, didn’t follow my written out instructions.

Those who contemplate on buying diet pills should find out several weight loss success stories . I am sure Google has millions of such success stories.

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