Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Xomba can help you to increase web traffic?

An article written by me about 7 months ago is attracting readers. See it here:

This is the article that has been viewed 166 times so far since it was published on July 8th 2009.

And that is the power of Xomba, one of the most frequently visited online writing site. It also sends backlinks to your sites and blogs.

You also share Xoma's advertising revenue thought I use Xomba only to build readership to my articles where I give a link back to my blog URL.

Xomba has two different categorizes, Xombyte and Xomblurb.
Xombyte- Here you submit your articles. You can also submit your already published articles. I submit my articles that are already published in Ezine Articles.

Xomblurb- You can use this feature like any social bookmarking service. You submit a title of your already published blog post, give its permalink and write a 50 worded summary of your blog post.

If you care to search the Internet for feedback on Xomba, you will realize you are missing a high potential avenue to build traffic to your blog if you are not using Xomba already.

Right now, there are 323 persons browsing Xomba.

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