Friday, March 19, 2010

The easiest automatic blog posting tool.

So, the word is spreading fast about this much talked about blogging tool-the auto blog feeder. This tool is targeted at those who are:
*Not sure what to blog about daily
*Lazy to do the daily blogging job
* Not sure why they are into the blogopshere.(just kidding)

Though I am aware of similar automatic blog post creation software and plugins, I am yet to see a blog that has automatically generated content from RSS Feeds.

Even to me who love to blog on my own, this auto blog feeder is tempting. I am thinking seriously to build 3 new blogs on topics that I know to generate good Google AdSesne income.

I looked at the screen shots of using this auto blog feeder software and it looked very easy to handle by new bloggers too.

Hey, I am looking for feedback from those who are using auto blog feeder. Any help?

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