Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You can’t sell Saint Gaudens gold coins.

I wonder whether the U.S. Gold Bureau would agree with Harish Gaipelli who has predicted that the gold may continue with its downward trend this week because the bullion investors feel that the price of gold is over priced. Harish is chief of research in a leading wealth management organization.

However, whether the world authority in precious metals, the U.S. Gold Bureau agrees or not, I think small investors like me would buy gold coins when the price is low. Even big players in bullion market would step in to arrest the gold price fall.

Two major festivals are coming up in August. Historically, these two festivals have always pushed up the price of gold. Trust me; this is the best time to invest in a few gold coins. You can see profit in less than two weeks.

When you have decided to buy gold coins today, see if you can buy Saint Gaudens gold coins. They are beautiful and priced at just $20. However, I warn you, you will not have the heart to part with them.

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