Monday, August 30, 2010

Guest bloggers wanted.

Somehow, I have no patience for guest blogging even though I know it is a valuable medium to attract targeted visitors, build brand visibility and oneway backlinks.

I did try once writing for one of my favorite blogs and it was rejected by the host blogger. I accepted the verdict because, my style of blogging is just the opposite of the host blog.

I like the freedom of blogging and what the host blogger wanted from me was an article which is just not my cup of coffee (I hate tea)..

I made a blog post about guest blogging in another of my blogs. It is titled, List of 50 blogs that accepts guest blog post.

Go ahead and read it. You stand to gain a lot from it. And don't forget to share it please.

Oh, by the way, I too accept guest blogging provided the blog post is unique. Think about it!
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