Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why common men don’t buy gold?

A local language magazine took the initiative of conducting a survey among middle class people on what prevents them from investing in gold bullion, which is the safest investment of their hard-earned money.

I appreciate the timely survey because there were complaints galore from majority of people who suffered unbearable loss of their money invested in shares and real estate.

The survey results when analyzed revealed that the main fear of the layman is who to trust while buying gold. It was obvious that people need to be educated about gold rating its market price and global economy that decides the gold price.

The survey also indicated that common man is skeptic to glossy advertisements of gold vendors in television and print media.

They wanted to approach easily accessible gold merchants who care both for his business and for his customers.

It is where the U.S. Gold Bureau stands apart. Through their newsletters, they pass on valuable information about buying and selling precious metals.

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