Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Can your eye cream treat eye bags too?

I think every woman throw away their mascara at some time in their life and switch over to eye cream to empty the eye bags . The puffiness under the eyes that we call as eye bags appears on every one of us irrespective of the age and profession.

Eye bags are the first indication of wrinkles around the eyes. I know some women ignore eye wrinkles but everyone is concerned about eye bags.

I believe that the puffiness under the eyes can be removed by some eye exercises and by applying lavender oil under the eyes. Cucumber is known to be another effective cure for eye bags. Now, a few eye creams deal with the puffiness under the eyes as well as eye wrinkles are available.

I would advise you to take the eye cream to your ophthalmologist and seek his advice before using the eye cream on you. I was once a victim of bad self-decision.

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