Friday, August 20, 2010

Why targetted blogging is difficult?

Even after 5 years of blogging, I find I am still learning the nuances of targeted blogging. Thus far, I have been blogging what comes naturally to me without seriously looking into the aspects of inserting frequently searched keywords.

Every time, I come across profitable keywords, I note them down only to use them in my next blog post but always forgetting to incorporate.

I find I am even lagging behind blog promotion that I was actively involved a year ago. I think I am getting contended with the money I get for doing blogging assignments as a ghost blogger.

So what I planned to do to attract targeted traffic?
I intend to convert keyword rich PLR articles into unique blog posts without disturbing the keyword density. I tried it several times earlier but my natural blogging interfered always.

I have already identified several bloggers who boast of over 2000 email subscribers to their blogs' RSS feed. They are my inspiration. I planned to use their blogs' topic in my blogs.

What do you say? Will it work?
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