Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tell me which is the most effective natural acne cure.

Sarah tagged my Twitter updates about one of my students’ critical medical condition. Sarah is feeling guilty that her recommended natural acne treatment ended causing high fever and rashes all over the face of my student.

However, I was not perturbed. I knew the situation would improve in another 48 hours because of my mother-in-law's home medical treatment.

There are many such cases of harmful side effects of acne cure that goes on and still the anti acne market continues to be flooded with new and untested drugs.

There is a tendency among the public that anything marketed as natural remedies will be safe to use. They are wrong!

How you and I can identify which one of the ingredients is a natural ingredient. We have no way of distinguishing natural elements from chemical names-right?

May be the review sites can help to some extent because what works for me may not work for you!

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