Monday, February 28, 2011

Differences between an article and blog post.

One of my blogging jobs was rejected by the job provider in The reason for rejection was it contained less than 200 words.

I told him that I am blogger, not an article writer. He should look elsewhere if he wanted a blog post with 400 words or more. It is a fact that most of those who are looking for bloggers to promote their products want articles, not blog posts.

There are some differences between an article and blog posts.

* Blog posts should be written in the first person. That is the basic meaning of web log.

* It should not be more than 250 words.

* It should not be lengthy with repeated sentences just to make it lengthy.

* The blog post should be written based on the blogger's personal experience or on an event or story that interested him.

* A little bit of imagination is required to write blog posts.

* A smiley here and an emoction there inside the blog posts, add personality to the blog content.

Blogs are loved by search engine as well as readers because of these points only. Any comments?

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