Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The darkest chocolate you may ever taste!

As they say in bars, “Make it large, double large”, I told my husband to make it dark, very dark when he asked me about my preference for the Dark Chocolate Gift Basket that we intended to give to our son on the day he is scheduled to leave abroad. After all, it is his first foreign assignment and my husband wanted it to be a memorable day.

(Knowing his big appetite for cakes, I wonder memorable for whom!)

At the last minute, my husband changed his mind and ordered a large dome shaped dark (very) chocolate that arrived an hour ago. Here is the photo of it. Doesn’t it look dark and large? Just look at the finish! What a skill!

If you like what you see here, then I am sure you would fall in love with Shari’s Berries, favorite of at least 50,000 thousand chocolate lovers from my state alone.

Please take time to visit the Google page below that has about 8000 images of Shari’s Berries.


I warn you! You may fall madly in love with them.

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