Friday, March 04, 2011

Famous for smoke?

Even while watching all the world cup matches, I somehow steal time to make a few blog posts. Watching live sports on TV gives me plenty of material for blog content. The gestures of umpires, expressions of players and viewers, sarcastic comments and useful quotes from the commentators are all great for blog content.

I think it was last Saturday when I saw to my surprise a few middle-aged women smoking cigars while lustily cheering the soccer players. I knew women smoke cigarettes but cigars…? Aren’t cigars costly?

My husband is a smoker. He told me that there are good cheap cigars too; it is not necessary that one should always buy the costly stuff from Cuba.

Ah, Cuba! There is all probability that my husband knows nothing about Cuba or its whereabouts but surely, he remembers what Cuba is famous far!

I think this applies to most of the people-eh?

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