Monday, March 07, 2011

Instant blog traffic through new bloggers community.

I found out an excellent bloggers community at (it is not In the wake of impending closure of Yahoo! owned, this comes as a great alternative to blogger to build network and increase blog traffic.

I would say has more networking features than

Features of
You can add all of your blogs in your dashboard. The system publishes a thumbnail of your blog automatically. You need to place a small badge of them in your blog as a verification method.

You can browse the blogs by several parameters including your native town and add them as your friends, visit their blog and follow them, vote for them, etc.

They will also come to know who voted them, who followed their blogs and this naturally gets you a visit to your blog.

Remember to click on "talks' tab which is further arranged in several categories. Read the discussions, participate and this again directs visitors to your blog.

The blog directory itself is organized in various categories to add your blog and browse through others' blogs. This paves way for fresh blog content ideas for bloggers.

There is a personal messaging facility too to interact with friend bloggers.

Whenever I log in, I could not come out for another hour. There are responsive blogger and some great blogs that I never found in any other blog directory.

Remember, it is a bloggers community. It is not just enough to add your blogs and exit, hoping others will visit your blogs. You must visit as many blogs as you can based on your interest of course. Add bloggers as friends, vote for them, participate in talks and you are guaranteed for a long haul of blog promotion.
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