Wednesday, May 04, 2011

How to lose weight without dieting or weight loss pills?

I sat bolt upright when I read a short article on sensa, a weight loss aid that works completely unique.

The first thought after I completed reading the article was disbelief. Sensa is a salt that you sprinkle on the food you are about to eat. Yes, you can have a full plate as ever. This means you need not suppress your appetite or curb your cravings.

Sensa triggers some hormones in your body which your brain picks up and induces a feeling in you that you have had your stomach full, leaving nearly half plate of food untouched.

What this implies is that I can eat any kind of food without really bothering about fat and calorie content. Sensa boasts of positive feedbacks. No harmful side effects are reported by a majority of users of Sensa.

I did a bit of research and found a few negative feedback in Amazon.

If I ever need to lose weight, I would certainly prefer Sensa as I need not skip any meal.

Note: You should not add Sensa salt in any liquid food.

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