Thursday, July 14, 2011

How can help women bloggers?

Would you consider blog directories as blog search engines? I was thinking both are different till I read an article in where it is written as a blog search engine where as it is a blog directory.

Nevertheless, it serves the purpose of finding blogs on our topics of interests. It is an important aspect of blog promotion to find and connect with blogs on similar niche we blog about.

This would greatly benefit every blogger in several ways:
* You will know how and what others are blogging on the same topic
* Where their blogs stand in SERPs for the relevant keywords
* You can exchange guest blog posts and blogroll links to increase visibility of our blogs.

I use extensively to find great women bloggers. has neatly arranged the blogs under various categories and then further put them alphabetically.

If you are a woman blogger, get your blog listed in without any delay.
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