Friday, July 15, 2011

Plane park or farm sheds?

Is it true that even hot countries have started installing metal buildings like cold countries as Canada? I thought it is odd to read in a travel blog where the blogger has mentioned about metal buildings in Iraq.

Apart from factories that use heavy machines, I have seen metal building only in airports to park aero planes. The real purpose of building metal sheds to park planes is the interior is devoid of any pillars so that the entire floor space can be fully utilized. I think it is for the same reason; factories also erect huge metal sheds.

When the newspaper articles highlighted the advantages of metal buildings, farmers quickly started switching over to metal barns to store agri produce and farm implements as the entire storage area is pest free and maintenance free.

Also, metal sheds are fire proof and this is big advantage for farmers who can now store the hay stock without any worries.

Metal sheds are very useful to farmers and why countries with hot climate should be an exception.

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