Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is review blogging profitable?

I am sure you are aware of creating blogs that review digital and physical products and how to make money of them. Bloggers copy the model of review sites, use the mighty wordpress to develop static webpage, slaps a few reviews on products, inserts their affiliate ids in order to make a few dollars.

Are they successful in their goals?

No! No!

Why not? What mistakes are they committing?

Apart from monetizing their site with clickbank or similar affiliate network's ids, they also place Amazon ads and Google AdSense ads. This takes away the visitors' focus from the blogger's main motive.

It is a blatant compromise. Money from adsense is peanuts when compared to affiliate income. Nothing can match the Clickbank when it comes to earning potential. The commission rate is up to 75% in Clickbank whereas, Amazon pays a lowly 10 to 15%.

Review Blogging is very profitable provided you stick to your goal of promoting affiliate products only.

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