Saturday, March 24, 2012

A blog or a web site-which is the best?

A few weeks ago, a musician called me and asked me to develop a blog. I said I could do it for a small fee. When I explained what is required after getting a blog, she was not sure whether she should get her own blog or a web site.

I told her the fundamental differences between a blog and a web site. A blog is also a web site but there are differences between a traditional website and a blog.

A blog is your own voice, published frequently. It is personal and easy to maintain.

Blogs are quick and easy to set up. Blogs have become a less expensive way of advertising your business to the online community.

A website is mostly not so personal and is static. A web site is invariably the official address and location of a web-based business. A website can take weeks, or even months, to develop.

I went on but was interrupted that she was not sure. I believe she thought developing and maintaining a website is easier than a blog.

How wrong she is!

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