Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blogging money for Indian moms and dads.

The residents of Madras woke up on Sunday the 25th March 2012 to money earning opportunities through blogging and socializing through online social media like Twitter and Facebook.

The news item in Times Of India should have caught the newbies by surprise but not the veterans like me who are already making money by blogging, tweeting and Facebook wall postings.

Long since, I was expecting someone from the Indian news media to expose the online money opportunities and though it is belated, I am glad Priya Menon (link at the end of this blog post) took the initiative.

I have been an Internet journalist approved by Reserve Bank of India. Time and again, I have blogged about the potential to earn money by blogging and microblogging.

It is heartening to note that even Indian corporate houses have realized the great potential to market their products through blogs and social media. The TOI article says, " More companies across India are roping in people like Narayanan who are active on social media to tweet, blog and post comments on networking sites about products and services."

If Indian moms, dads, students and internet buffs are interested in making money online to substantiate their monthly income, they should first learn the unknown methods of becoming popular (influencer) in social media giants like Twitter and Facebook.

There is big money to be made as:
* News Blogger
* Review blogger
* Beauty and Fashion blogger
* Hot Trends blogger

Don't think only Twitter and Facebook offer the best of money making opportunities. Google plus has plunged into the big race and would soon finish first. Making money using Google + is going to be a hot trend if not already.

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