Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Solar Sun Ring-unique pool water heater.

It was news to me when I read that pool steps (I mean above ground pool steps) are made of organic compounds like PVC as it is considered safe for all ages. I was under impression that swimming pool steps are made of brick and mortar. How our long held beliefs are broken!

Of course, it is not possible for us to know about everything in the world; however, new knowledge picked up here and there stays with us for long.

Recently, I came across a few websites on different topics that were so exclusive such as dental care, cigar and swimming pools supplies.

When it comes to swimming pool accessories, all I know thus far are pool cleaning products and water pumps., an exclusive pool accessories web site taught me there are more than pumps and chlorinators.

Pool slides, pool steps, pool floats are to name a few of pool supplies. The site is well known for frequent discount sale of all the pool accessories mentioned above.

In addition, the web site offers a big discount on a product called ‘Solar Sun Ring’, a water heater that is powered by sun light. It is a unique pool accessory that is cost effective and environment friendly.

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