Monday, January 21, 2013

5 useful blogs to read.

As a true blogger, I never fail to blog about other blog posts that I like; they are useful to me and to other serious bloggers.

Today, I came to know about a new blog My Magic Fundas authored by my good friend Ms.Nirmala Santhakumar. She mentioned about top 10 blogs that inspire her. With humility I am grateful that she listed one of my oldest blogs on Income Opportunities, This ranks at number 2 in Google for the title keywords, "Income Opportunities".

Among the 10 blogs Nirmala listed, I liked three blogs that I think every blogger should read. As usual, I subscribed to their feeds, followed their social media foot prints.

1.             By Jane Sheeba
2.                       By Ileane Smith
3.                           By Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar's blog further led me to two more fantastic blogs. 
1.                          By   Atish Ranjan     

2.              By Mahaveer Verma

If you care to visit the blogs mentioned above, I am sure you will subscribe to their feeds.

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